Tofino Chapter 14 notes

Community - Notes on Sources


Mabel Arnet’s comment about different groups in Tofino, from Bossin, Settling Clayoquot.

Japanese children participating at Clayoquot Days, from Marnie Andersen, Women of the West Coast.

“But Isaac Charlie…” Ian MacLeod cited in Bossin, Settling Clayoquot.

Details of tennis club at Clayoquot from the British Colonist and Abraham, Lone Cone.

Ruth White’s description of buildings falling away, from an interview with Adrienne Mason.

Coronation Day sports at Clayoquot, West Coast Advocate, June 10, 1939.

For details of property transactions, see the BC Government’s Historic Crown Grant Search website:; also the index of Clayoquot Land Pre-emptions assembled by Leona Taylor

“blow the old year…” and “have some music…” from Tibbs’s letter to his niece, cited by Bossin, Settling Clayoquot.

Bill Sharp on Fred Tibbs’s death, Bossin, Settling Clayoquot.

“strange little castle remained…” Anthony Guppy, Tofino Kid.

“If you were a lady…” Vi Hansen cited by Jan Brubacker in her article about the community hall in The Sound.

“the finest speedway…” Tom Scales writing in George Jackson’s guestbook, cited by Adrienne Mason in Long Beach Wild.

“the playground of the Western World..” British Colonist, August 29, 1931.

“such a complex character…” letter to Ken Gibson from Alder Bloom.

Account of the Captain Cook pageant of 1931 draws on George Nicholson, Vancouver Island’s West Coast: 1762 – 1962, p. 255. See also contemporary articles in the Daily Colonist and the West Coast Advocate, and Nicholson’s article “Landing of Capt. James Cook,” Daily Colonist, August 18, 1968;.

Information on the relief camp comes in part from Anthony Guppy’s Tofino Kid .

Details of Dr Robertson’s practice come from two separate interviews with Marguerite Robertson, with Margaret Horsfield and Adrienne Mason. For sources providing details of the health of students at the residential schools, see notes on Chapter 13, above.

“Many a mulligan pot…” George Nicholson, “Makeshift Aid Was Lifesaver in Earlier Days,” Daily Colonist, May 8, 1955.

Queen Mary’s necklace of hypodermic vials is described in “Chief Meets Chief,” article and photo, Victoria Times, August 31, 1936.

Johnny Madokoro’s memories of Tofino appear in Bossin, Settling Clayoquot and in several articles in Nikkei Images. (see notes on Chapter 15.)

Naming of the Kami baby, from Anthony Guppy’s book Tofino Kid; see also Walter Guppy, Eighty Years on Tofino.

Tatsuo Sakauye wrote of his mother making sake in a personal memoir about growing up in Tofino for his church newsletter in Toronto, provided courtesy of Dorothy Arnet.

Details of broadcaster Earle Kelly story come from, from George Nicholson’s Vancouver Island’s West Coast, from M. Horsfield’s interview with Marguerite Robertson.



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