Tofino Chapter 19 notes

Lovely Road - Notes on Sources


Two articles by George Nicholson describe the road opening. Daily Colonist, October 11, 1959; August 23,1959.

Two articles about Noel Hamlin, Vancouver Sun, November 14, 1961, and an undated clipping in Daphne Gibson scrapbook.

400 fishboats tied up in 1964, statistic from Walter Guppy, Clayoquot Soundings. p.46.

Quotations from Howard McDiarmid, Pacific Rim National Park: A Country Doctor’s Role in Preserving Long Beach and Establishing the New Wickaninnish Inn.

Charles McDiarmid, Whitey Bernard, Bob Wingen, Doug Banks all provided useful information for this chapter.

“not yet suitable...,” Jack Scott, cited in undated and unidentified clipping in Daphne Gibson scrapbook.

“I drove the length...,” Alan Fotheringham, cited by Mason, Long Beach Wild.

“I towed over 200 cars...” Neil Buckle cited by Streetly, Salt in our Blood.

“an improbable first class ...,” undated and unidentified article, Daphne Gibson scrapbook.

The name “Mackenzieville” appears on Rowland Brinckman’s illustrated map of Clayoquot Sound, hanging in the main office of Tofino municipality.

Bruce Lucas on canoe-surfing, see “Hesquiaht First Nation – through the eyes of a $1 a day fisherman,” West Coast Aquatic,

“We had a hell of a lot of fun…” Grant Shilling, The Cedar Surf, p. 31.

“The beach stunk,” quoted by Adrienne Mason, Long Beach Wild.

For Brian Brett’s essay on the beaches, see Writing the West Coast, eds. Christins Lowther and Anita Sinner.

“We were hippie shakers…,” Bruce Atkey cited in Lloyd Kahn, Builders of the Pacific Coast, p. 74.

“panorama of Florencia...,” “wild people listening...,” Godfrey Stephens, email to M. Horsfield.

“I interviewed as many as I could...” Pat Hutchinson, “Census Taking at Wreck Bay, May-June 1971,” Cedar Bark and Sea: A Glance through Tofino-Ucluelet and surrounding area. Ucluelet Recreation Commission. Port Alberni, BC, Printed by Coast Printers, undated, 1974?

“They are not helping us to attract legitimate tourists,” Vancouver Sun article, undated, Daphne Gibson scrapbook.

Details of Opitsat connecting to electricity and the sales of appliances, from The Press, Ucluelet, October 8, 1964.

Terry Hammond’s article: “Ahousaht,” Daily Colonist, April 3, 1964.

Trudeau on Long Beach, Daily Colonist, June 16, 1970.

“This news just came out of the blue...,” Neil Buckle, taped interview with Bob Bossin, BC Archives.

“Wreck Bay became wrecked...,” Godfrey Stephens, email to M. Horsfield.

“few of these people know ...,” February 23, 1975, Daily Colonist.



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