Tofino Chapter 20 notes

Adjustment - Notes on Sources


Quotations from Andrew Struthers, see Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan.

$1.6 million set, see Guppy, Clayoquot Soundings. See Walter Guppy, Clayoquot Soundings, p. 57-58, for more on the herring roe fishery.

“paid in herring roe” from “Tales of roe,” Alberni Valley Times, May 25, 1979.

Prices of herring roe and other details of the fishery, see Geoff Meggs, p. 208.

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“It was very intense…,” quoted by Andrew Findlay, “Sink or Swim,” BC Living, July 1, 2008.

Information about Maquinna Hotel fire from Westcoaster, July 25, 1973.

Maureen Fraser’s comment on cinnamon buns, from A Political Space: Reading the Global through Clayoquot Sound, page 91.

Fiddle-in Drive In information comes from an ad in the booklet Cedar, Surf and Sea: A Glance through the Tofino Ucluelet Area. (undated)

“free and communicative spirit….” from the draft of the Arts and Culture Master Plan for Tofino, District of Tofino, 2014.

Quotations from Adrienne Mason come from Long Beach Wild and from 18 Meditations on Chesterman Beach.

Roy Vickers “I wouldn’t be here…,” see Cori Howard, “The Spirit of Chesterman,” Westerly News, December 9, 1992.

For information about Tofino’s water system see Gary Holte, “Tofino’s Water System History: A Story of Determination,” 1995. See also District of Tofino Annual Water Reports.

For descriptions of the depopulation of Hesquiat village, see letter from Father Maurus Snyder, 1950, following a visit to the coast for the Golden Jubilee of Christie School. Addressed to the Abbot of Mount Angel, this letter describes the nearly deserted village. See also Father Fred Miller’s descriptions of Hesquiaht (1957 and 1959) in letters held by the Archives of the Diocese of Victoria.

“Some of the boats I remember…” Bruce Lucas, “Hesquiaht First Nation – through the eyes of a $1 a day fisherman,” West Coast Aquatic,

Art Clarke on icing fish at Hot Springs Cove, Tofino Time, February 2005.

Sue Charleson on the tsunami at Hot Springs Cove:

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For estimates of Tofino’s population in 1985, see Josephine Connelly, “Winter village a city in summer,” The Islander, Daily Colonist, May 12, 1985.

Information on the 1980s developments on Stubbs Island comes from documents about Sun and Sea Developments and Stubbs Island Developments, some held at the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District and some courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

Terry Doward’s comments on fish farms, Victoria Times Colonist, October 8, 2012.

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See also Peter A., Robson, Salmon Farming: The Whole Story, Vancouver. Heritage House. 2006; Daniel Galland, The history and evolution of salmon aquaculture siting policy in British Columbia. MSc Thesis. UBC. 2004.



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