Tofino Chapter 21 notes

The War in the Woods - Notes on Sources


For Phil Gagliardi quotation, see James O’Connor, “Selling Nature,”'Connor.pdf

For Ron Dalziel’s description, see It Was Quite a Performance.

“After you’ve been arrested once…” Valerie Langer, quoted on Bob Bossin’s website, see “Clayoquot Women.”

For more on Chief Moses Martin citing the 1905 Timber License agreement, see: Final Report of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Timber and Forestry 1909-1910

See also special publication on Meares Island, January 1985 at and “Meares Island Special Edition,” Ha-shilth-sa, April 29, year illegible on only copy available.

For George Watts’s comment to RCMP concerning “a thousand Indians,” cited by Moses Martin, see Shayne Morrow, “Chief Councillor remembers the first days of a long battle on Meares,” Ha-Shilth-Sa, April 25, 2014.

“The Meares Island….” Joe Martin quoted in “Canadian Battle Rages Over Lovely Timbered Isle” New York Times, May 17, 1985.

“The folks who lived in…” Frank Harper, The Sound, November 18 – December 2, 1990.

Estimate of legal costs for Meares Island proceedings, from The Sound, November 18 - December 2, 1993.

Tzeporah Berman re peaceful protest, see Chrystal Kleiman, “Clayoquot Forest Protest Camp,” Focus on Women, November 1993, see also:

“We were dreaming big…” Tzeporah Berman, This Crazy Time.

Details of preparing for the peace camp, see Michaela Killoran Mann, ‘Clearcut’ Conflict: Clayoquot Sound Campaign and the Moral Imagination, MA Thesis, Department of Conflict Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Université Saint Paul, Ottawa, 2013.

“we will not run…” and other details of the training camp, “Learning Disobedience in Tofino,” Westerly, June 8, 1993.

“When we started this five weeks ago …” Valerie Langer speaking with journalist Eve Savory, CBC News, August 9, 1993.

“Details of death threats and anti-Semitic hate mail, Berman, This Crazy Time.

Article on Rendezvous 1993, front page of Westerly, August 18, 1993.

“bugged by a government…” from Party and Protest with Midnight Oil,” Westerly News, July 21, 1993.

“and all launched themselves...,” Valerie Langer, “A Groundswell is a Wave,” Writing the West Coast, eds. Lowther and Sinner.

Jim Miller quotation “being joined at the hip…,” Breen-Needham, Howard Witness to Wilderness: The Clayoquot Sound Anthology p.198

"Were you there on the road? Did you hear the injunction read?..." Berman, Clayoquot and Dissent p.119.

“If you were on the road, and knowingly disobeyed…” Berman, Clayoquot and Dissent, p. 107.

“A Macmillan Bloedel representative [admitted]…” Kim Wested, Victoria Times Colonist, cited in R. MacIsaac and A. Champagne, eds, Clayoquot Mass Trials, p.117.

“whacked-out nature worshipper,” Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun, May 24, 2013.

For the testimony of defendants during the mass trials, see MacIsaac and Champagne, Clayoquot Mass Trials.

“Things didn’t turn around…” Valerie Langer, quoted in Pacific High p. 311.

“In Britain activists were arrested…” Lorna Stefanick, “Baby Stumpy and the War in the Woods,” BC Studies, No. 130, Summer 2001.

“They cancelled….” Valerie Langer, Pacific High, p. 312.

“linked with the campaign…” see Howard Breen-Needham,, Witness to Wilderness. p.225

“The cappuccino-sucking…” Jeremy Wilson, Talk and Log: Wilderness Politics in British Columbia, Introduction p. xiv.

“scientifically acceptable pool of knowledge…” Jim Darling, “Being there – The Clayoquot Biosphere Project,” Clayoquot Biosphere Project (CBP) article,

For information about Clayoquot Biosphere see:

For information on material covered in this chapter see the University of Victoria’s Clayoquot Archive and Clayoquot Documents



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