Tofino Chapter 9 notes

"Alive with Fish" - Notes on Sources


“The coast is alive with fish…” British Colonist, June 15, 1859.

“The Clayoquot Fishing & Trading Co…” British Colonist, December 22, 1893.

All quotations from Brodie come from his CPR inspection report on the Princess Maquinna, August 1918.

Information about the short-lived schemes for the Union Cold Storage Company and West Mildcure on Stubbs Island comes from Company records in BC Archives, and from detailed survey maps, held in the Land Titles Office, Victoria.

Mike Hamilton’s comments about honeymooning at the Kennedy Lake hatchery come from letters to his fiancée Mabel Hall. All other quotations from Mike Hamilton come from his unpublished papers and memoirs.

Dorothy Abraham described her visit to Kennedy Lake and her conversation with the hatchery manager in her book Lone Cone.

“nine Catholic men…” from Father Charles Moser’s diary.

Statistic re Balcom and Grant selling out to new owners for one million dollars, from Hagelund, Whalers No More, p.48.

Statistics on page 181 about the local fishing fleet on the west coast appeared in The Westerly, December 17, 2009.

“The days of looking at...,” Kathy Scarfo quoted in the Globe and Mail, March 13, 2009.



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