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KnowBC Blog

The KnowBC blog is a gathering place for discussion about everything to do with life in BC: cultural, historical, economic and political. The blog is administered by Dan Francis, editor of the Encyclopedia of British Columbia, along with publisher Howard White.
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French Language Resources

Nous sommes heureux de mettre à votre disposition une collection agrandissant d'articles en français de l'Encyclopédie de la Colombie-Britannique. En ce moment vous trouverez des essais au sujet de l'Histoire de la Colombie-Britannique, la ville de Vancouver, et
la ville de Victoria.


Far West: The Story of British Columbia

British Columbia’s colourful story has been told many times, but until now no one has attempted to relate the chronicle specifically for young readers. From the gold rush to the Gumboot Navy and from “bride ships” to W.A.C. Bennett, BC history comes alive in this highly illustrated and vivid account by award-winning writer and historian Daniel Francis. Enter Far West

  • For Teachers

    Since its online debut in 2001, the EBC has proved a valuable resource for students and teachers in BC. We are pleased to present this teachers’ resource as a guide for educators and to highlight recommended teaching strategies and classroom applications.
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  • Did You Know?

    Did you know that Simon Gunanoot, a Gitksan trapper accused of murder, remained on the run from the law for thirteen years (1906-1919) before he finally gave himself up, stood trial and was acquitted?
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