GOLDEN, town, pop 4,020 (2001), nestles in the mountains at the junction of the COLUMBIA and Kicking Horse rivers, on the TRANS-CANADA HWY east of ROGERS PASS. When the CPR arrived in 1883 the site was known as The Cache, or Kicking Horse Flats; the railway changed the name to Golden City, later simply Golden. In 1899 the CPR began bringing mountaineers from Switzerland to guide tourists (see SWISS GUIDES) and in 1912 it built a small village of chalets for the guides at Golden. Known as Edelweiss, the cluster of buildings is still standing. The railway has continued to play a prominent role in the community; in 1987 it built a major rail car repair shop. The town was incorporated in 1957. The FOREST INDUSTRY is the mainstay of the local economy and there are 2 silica mines (see MINING). The 5 nearby national PARKS attract a growing number of TOURISTS in all seasons and Kicking Horse Canyon offers some of the best whitewater river rafting in BC.