Strathcona Provincial Park

STRATHCONA PROVINCIAL PARK, 2,537.73 sq km, established in 1911, was BC's first provincial park. Located west of CAMPBELL RIVER in the centre of VANCOUVER ISLAND, it is named for Donald Smith, Lord Strathcona, one-time governor of the HBC, president of the Bank of Montreal and backer of the CPR. The mountainous park features the Comox Glacier (the third-largest icefield on Vancouver I), alpine meadows, several beautiful lakes, the FORBIDDEN PLATEAU and Mt WASHINGTON ski areas, and DELLA FALLS, the highest waterfall in Canada. At 2,200 m, the GOLDEN HINDE is the highest peak on the Island. STRATHCONA PARK LODGE is a popular centre for wilderness education and TOURISM activities. Hwy 28 runs through the park, connecting Campbell River to GOLD RIVER near the head of MUCHALAT INLET on the west side of the Island. Additions to the western and southern portions of Strathcona now link it with contiguous wilderness areas in CLAYOQUOT SOUND. See also ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT; PARKS, PROVINCIAL.