Chapter 1 - The Original People

Digging Up the Past

People of the Coast

People of the Interior

Aboriginal Housing

Nuu-Chah-Nulth Whalers

Gray Whales

Making Contact

Chief Maquinna

Naming Places

The Potlatch

Totem Poles


A New Beginning

Francis Drake


Chapter 2 - The Arrival of the Traders

In Search of a Passage

The Sea Otter Trade

The Sea Otter

Frances Barkley

Crossing the Continent

Grease Trails

River to the Sea

Fur Trade in New Caledonia

The Hudson's Bay Company

Fort Langley

A Fur Trade Language

Aboriginal People and the Fur Trade

Who were the Kanakas?

Creating a Colony

James and Amelia Douglas



Chapter 3 - Gold Rush

From Furs to Gold

New Arrivals

Building the Cariboo Road

A Prospector's Tools

Barkerville: Capital of the Gold Rush

The Overlanders

Chinese Miners

Pioneer Photographers

Creation of a Colony


Chapter 4 - Joining Canada

Union of the Colonies


Who Could Vote

Disease and Defiance

At War over a Pig

Finding a Route

Building the Railway

Chinese Workers

The Creation of Vancouver

The Last Spike


Chapter 5 - Resources and the Economy

Harvest from the Sea

Inside the Cannery

West Coast Boyhood

Fishing for a Living

Another Railway to the Sea

The Story of Salmon

Disappearing FIsh

Tall Timber

Working in the Woods

French in the West

Union Steamers

Coal was King

Trouble Underground

The Kootenay Mining Boom

The Last Steamboat

A New Economy


Chapter 6 - Growth and War

Boom Time

The Royal City

Electric Streetcars

Capital City

West Coast Painter

Asian Newcomers

Who Murdered Janet Smith?

Pacific Port

World War One

Premier McBride

Women and the War

Killer Epidemic

The New City


Chapter 7 - Hard Times and War

The Great Depression

Living in the Jungle

On the Relief

Rum Running


Bloody Sunday

Fishing Strike

At Home on a Boat

A New Party

Creating the Welfare State

Duff Pattullo

World War, Again

The Home Front

War in the North

The Gumboot Navy

Treatment of the Japanese

The War is Over


Chapter 8 - Boom Times

Time for a Change

Social Credit

Dam Builder

The Little Railway that Grew

Resource Towns

The Northeast

Nancy Greene

A Society of Many Cultures

The Doukhobors

Keeping the World Green

Aboriginal People

Totem Pole Carvers

Bennett Too

EXPO '86


Chapter 9 - Modern Times

A Long, Hot Summer

Saving the Forests

Farming Fish

Running for Hope

Making Treaties with the First Nations

The Nisga'a Agreement

A Multicultural Society

The Modern Economy

Liveable CIties

The Olympic Games

A History of Challenges


British Columbia Historical Timeline