CN50. ENCRUSTING HYDROCORALS, purple encrusting hydrocoral, purple hydrocoral, purple stylasterine, purple carpet

Laura Point, Mayne Island, s. BC
Useless Inlet, Barkley Sound, s. BC. Charlie Gibbs photograph
Second Narrows, Vancouver Harbour, s. BC

Stylantheca papillosa including Stylantheca spp., Stylantheca petrograpta, Allopora petrograpta, Stylantheca porphyra, Allopora porphyra, Stylantheca sp., Allopora sp.

indeterminate, irregular size

s. Alaska to s. California

intertidal to 30 m (100 ft)

A colony takes the shape of whatever it carpets in high-current areas. Several similar species continue to be a source of great consternation to the experts. Hydrocoral expert Steven Cairns, of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, has determined that encrusting forms found in Pacific Northwest are Stylantheca papillosa.