**New sea-star depth records for the giant pink star (EC2), rainbow star (EC4), sunflower star (EC28) and striped sun star (EC32) were supplied by the filmmaker/biologist Neil McDaniel of Vancouver, BC. While reviewing video footage taken from a submersible, he was able to correlate depths with species occurrence and use modern technology for a secondary biological purpose.

EC1. PURPLE STAR or OCHRE STAR, purple sea star, ochre sea star, ochre seastar, purple starfish, ochre starfish, Pacific sea star, common seastar, common sea star, common purple star, warty sea star, common starfish

Pisaster ochraceus, Asterias ochracea, misspelled: Pisaster ochraceous

EC2. GIANT PINK STAR, spiny pink star, pink star, pink sea star, pink short-spined starfish, pink short-spined star, pink short-spined seastar, pink starfish, short-spined sea star, short-spined seastar, short-spined pisaster, knobby sea star

Pisaster brevispinus, Asterias brevispina

EC3. MOTTLED STAR, mottled sea star, mottled starfish, false ochre star, false ochre sea star, slender-rayed star, slender-rayed sea star, Troschel’s star, Troschel’s sea star, true star

Evasterias troschelii, Evasterias troscheli

EC4. RAINBOW STAR, rainbow sea star, long rayed star, long-rayed sea star, long-armed sea star, longrayed starfish, long-rayed starfish, red banded star, redbanded sea star, painted star, painted sea star, fragile star, fragile spiny seastar, rainbow starfish

Orthasterias koehleri, Asterias koehleri, Orthasterias columbiana


Lethasterias nanimensis

EC6. VELCRO STAR, long-rayed star, long ray star, black star, black sea star, fish eating star, fish-eating sea star, fish-eating starfish

Stylasterias forreri, Asterias forreri

EC7. LEATHER STAR, leather sea star, leather starfish, garlic star, garlic sea star

Dermasterias imbricata, Asteriopsis imbricata

EC8. BAT STAR, bat starfish, broad disc sea star, broad-disc sea star, broad-disk starfish, sea bat, webbed star, webbed sea star, webbed starfish

Pateria miniata, Asterina miniata, Asterias miniata


EC9. VERMILION STAR, vermilion starfish, red sea star, equal arm star, equal arm starfish, equal-arm star, misspelled: vermillion star

Mediaster aequalis

EC10. GUNPOWDER STAR, Swift’s sea star

Gephyreaster swifti, Mimaster swifti

EC11. COOKIE STAR, cookie starfish, orange bat sea star

Ceramaster patagonicus, Pentagonaster patagonicus, misspelled: Ceremaster patagonius

EC12. ARCTIC COOKIE STAR, arctic bat sea star

Ceramaster arcticus, Tosia arctica, misspelled: Ceremaster arcticus

EC13. SPINY RED STAR, spiny red sea star, spiny red starfish, spiny star, spiny starfish, thorny sea star

Hippasteria phrygiana, Hippasteria spinosa, Hippasterias spinosa

EC14. THORNY SEA STAR, spiny sea star

Poraniopsis inflatus inflatus, Poraniopsis inflata, Alexandraster inflatus

EC15. CRESTED SEA STAR, yellow starfish

Lophaster furcilliger, Lophaster furcilliger vexator, Sarkaster validus

EC16. SLIME STAR, slime starfish, cushion star, cushion sea star, fat sea star

Pteraster tesselatus, Pteraster tesselatus arcuatus

EC17. WRINKLED STAR, slime star, sea star

Pteraster militaris, Asterias militaris

EC18. *BLOOD STAR, Pacific blood star, blood sea star, blood red star, blood starfish, red sea star, Pacific henricia

Henricia leviuscula leviuscula, Henricia leviuscula, Linkia leviuscula

EC19. FAT BLOOD STAR, fat henricia, sanguine sea star, Atlantic blood star, blood star, blood sea star

*Henricia sanguinolenta, Henricia tumida


Henricia aspera aspera, Henricia aspera


Henricia pumila

EC22. MUD STAR, mudstar

Ctenodiscus crispatus, Asterias crispata


Leptychaster pacificus

EC24. SAND STAR, sandstar, sand starfish, spiny mudstar, mud star, mud sea star

Luidia foliolata, Petalaster foliolata

EC25. SIX-RAYED SEA STARS—schizo-starburst!

Ever since the 1800s, when naturalists began seriously examining the six-rayed sea stars, the problem of how many...


Leptasterias hexactis species complex, including Leptasterias hexactis hexactis, Leptasterias hexactis plena,...


Leptasterias aequalis species complex, including Leptasterias aequalis aequalis, Leptasterias aequalis nana,...

EC28. SUNFLOWER STAR, sunflower sea star, sunflower starfish, many rayed star, twentyarm star, twenty-rayed star, twenty-rayed sea star, twenty-rayed starfish

Pycnopodia helianthoides, Asterias helianthoides

EC29. ROSE STAR, rose sea star, rose starfish, snowflake star, snowflake sea star, spiny sun star, spiny sunstar, common sun star

Crossaster papposus, Solaster papposus, Asterias papposus

EC30. MORNING SUN STAR, morning sunstar, morning sun sea star, morning sun starfish, Dawson’s sun star, Dawson’s sea star

Solaster dawsoni

EC31. ORANGE SUN STAR, evening sun sea star

*Solaster paxillatus

EC32. STRIPED SUN STAR, striped sunstar, striped sun starfish, Stimpson’s sun star, Stimpson’s sunstar, Stimpson’s star, Stimpson’s sea star, sun star, sun sea star, sun starfish, orange sun star

Solaster stimpsoni

EC33. NORTHERN SUN STAR, northern sunstar, northern sun sea star, smooth sunstar, purple sun star

Solaster endeca, Asterias endeca