Limpets and limpet-shaped snails

MC136. MASK LIMPET, masked limpet, speckled limpet, large variegated limpet

Lottia persona, Tectura persona, Notoacmaea persona, Notoacmea persona, Acmaea persona, Collisella radiata

MC137. PLATE LIMPET, Pacific plate limpet

Lottia scutum, Tectura scutum, Notoacmaea scutum, Notoacmea scutum, Acmaea scutum, Acmaea testudinalis scutum, Acmaea...

MC138. SHIELD LIMPET, Californian shield limpet

Lottia pelta, Collisella pelta, Acmaea pelta, Acmaea cassis pelta, Acmaea cassis, Acmaea olympica, Acmaea nacelloides

MC139. RIBBED LIMPET, fingered limpet, finger limpet, California finger limpet, hand limpet, mask limpet, digit limpet

Lottia digitalis, Collisella digitalis, Acmaea digitalis, Collisella austrodigitalis, Acmaea radiata

MC140. FENESTRATE LIMPET, chocolate limpet

Lottia fenestrata, Tectura fenestrata, Notoacmaea fenestrata, Notoacmea fenestrata, Collisella fenestrata, Acmaea...

MC141. SPECKLED LIMPET, yellow limpet

Lottia ochracea, Collisella ochracea, Acmaea ochracea, Acmaea peramabilis, Acmaea patina

MC142. WHITECAP LIMPET, white-cap limpet, white cap limpet, white-capped limpet, dunce-cap limpet, dunce cap limpet, bishop’s cap limpet, Chinaman’s hat limpet, white cap, Chinaman’s hat

Acmaea mitra

MC143. UNSTABLE LIMPET, unstable seaweed limpet, kelp limpet, rocking chair limpet

Lottia instabilis, Notoacmaea instabilis, Collisella instabilis, Acmaea instabilis

MC144. GIANT OWL LIMPET, owl limpet, owl shell

Lottia gigantea, Scurria gigantea

MC145. SEAWEED LIMPET, feather-boa limpet, kelp limpet

Lottia incessa, Discurria insessa, Notoacmaea insessa, Notoacmea insessa, Collisella insessa, Acmaea insessa, Patella...

MC146. FILE LIMPET, California file limpet

Lottia limatula, Collisella limatula, Acmaea limatula, misspelled: Acmae limatula

MC147. BLACK LIMPET, black turban limpet, turban shell limpet, black seaweed limpet

Lottia asmi, Collisella asmi, Acmaea asmi

MC148. SURFGRASS LIMPET, chaffy limpet

Lottia palacea, Tectura paleacea, Notoacmaea paleacea, Notoacmea paleacea, Collisella paleacea, Acmaea paleacea

MC149. PACIFIC EELGRASS LIMPET, eelgrass limpet, bowl limpet

Lottia alveus paralella, Lottia alveus, Collisella alveus, Acmaea alveus


Acmaea funiculata, Niveotectura funiculata


Cryptobranchia concentrica, Lepeta concentrica, Cryptobranchia caecoides


Lepeta caeca, Lepeta alba, Cocculina cazanica

MC153. ROUGH KEYHOLE LIMPET, keyhole limpet, rough keyhole, rough key-hole limpet

Diodora aspera, Glyphis aspera, misspelled: Diadora aspera, Diadora murina


Scelidotoma bella

MC154. TWO-SPOT KEYHOLE LIMPET, two-spotted keyhole limpet

Fissurellidea bimaculata, Fissurellidea bimaculatus, Megatebennus bimaculatus

MC155. HOODED PUNCTURELLA, hood puncturella, helmet puncturella, ribbed keyhole limpet, hooded keyhole limpet, hooded keyhole

Cranopsis cucullata, Puncturella cucullata, Puncturella multirugosa, Rimula cucullata, misspelled: Craniopsis...

MC156. MANY-RIBBED PUNCTURELLA, many-rib puncturella

Cranopsis multistriata, Puncturella multistriata


Puncturella galeata

MC158. FLAT HOOFSNAIL, horse’s hoofsnail, white hoofsnail, hoof snail, ancient hoof shell, Washington hoof shell, hoof shell

Hipponix cranioides, Hipponix antiquatus, Hipponix serratus, Antisabia cranioides, misspelled: Hipponix cranoides

MC159. WRINKLED SLIPPERSNAIL, wrinkled slipper shell, Pacific half-slippersnail, Pacific half-slipper shell, Pacific half-slipper, half-slipper snail, half-slipper shell

Crepipatella dorsata, Crepipatella lingulata, Crepidula dorsata, Calyptraea dorsata, Crepidula fissurata

MC160. CUP-AND-SAUCER SNAIL, Pacific Chinese-hat snail, Pacific Chinese hat, Pacific chinese-hat

Calyptraea fastigiata

MC161. NORTHERN WHITE SLIPPERSNAIL, white slipper snail, northern white slipper shell, western white slippersnail, western white slipper shell, western white slipper-shell, white slipper shell, white slipper, white slipper limpet

Crepidula nummaria, Crepidula fimbriata, and may be the same as Crepidula perforans and Crepidula nivea

MC162. HOOKED SLIPPERSNAIL, hooked slipper snail, hooked slipper shell, hooked slipper-shell, hooked slipper limpet, hooked slipper, turban slipper shell

Crepidula adunca


Crepidula convexa, Crepidula glauca


Crepidula onyx

MC164. RETICULATE BUTTON SNAIL, reticulate button shell, reticulate gadinia, button shell

Trimusculus reticulatus, Gadinia reticulata