Bones Bay

Bones Bay (50˚35'00" 126˚21'00" N side of W Cracroft I, N of Johnstone Str). Named along with nearby Minstrel I, Negro Rk and Sambo Point after a troupe of amateur performers aboard HMS Amethyst, which carried Lord Dufferin, the gov gen, and Lady Dufferin on a cruise to Metlakatla in 1876. These entertainers put on minstrel shows, based on black cultural stereotypes, in which “Mr Bones” and “Sambo” were stock characters. Presumably, such a show was staged in the vicinity for the vice-regal couple. Much later, about 1920, the Canadian Fishing Co built a large salmon cannery at Bones Bay. It operated until the early 1950s. A settlement of sorts lingered on for another decade, but only pilings remained at the site by the early 2000s. Bones Ck flows NW into Bones Bay.

The ruins of the old Bones Bay salmon cannery. Peter Vassilopoulos photo