Snug Cove

Snug Cove (49˚23'00" 123˚20'00" E side of Bowen I, S of Mannion Bay, Howe Sd, NW of Vancouver). This name, obviously descriptive of a cozy anchorage, was originally applied by Admiralty surveyor Capt George Richards in 1860. Capt Jack Cates established his Terminal Resort there in the early 1900s and then sold out in 1920 to the Union Steamship Co, which greatly expanded and developed the estate as a holiday destination for picnickers and vacationers. The resort’s steamship wharf was located on Snug Cove, along with a store, a number of rental cottages and extensive picnicking grounds, while a hotel and tennis courts were on adjacent Mannion Bay (then called Deep Cove); in between were more picnic areas, a dance bowl and a tea room. Union general manager Harold Brown suggested in 1929 that Snug Cove be renamed Wharf Cove, and the hydrographic service adopted this change in 1937. Islanders raised such a fuss, however, that the original name was reinstated in 1949. Today the cove is the site of a marina and Bowen I’s BC Ferries terminus.

Snug Cove on Bowen Island. John Lund photo