Using The Sea Among Us

THE SEA AMONG US a comprehensive study of the Strait of Georgia in all its aspects, featuring chapters on geology, oceanography, invertebrates and marine plants, fish, marine mammals, birds and human history. Illustrated with colour photographs, figures and drawings, it is an essential addition to any BC library. Look on the left navigation bar for links to some major sections of the book. Go into Contents for links to each of the chapters, and check Chapter Notes for the bibliographies.

Searching The Sea Among Us: The Amazing Strait of Georgia

To search for individual words in The Sea Among Us, type a keyword in the “Search this Book” box on the upper right of the page. The results will show you in which chapters your search terms occur. To find the specific occurrences of those words in the chapter, go to the chapter then use your browser's search function (CONTROL+F or COMMAND+F) and enter your search terms in your browser's search window.