We could not have written this book without help from many sources. Leona Taylor stands out. Her dedicated volunteer efforts have provided access to many sources of west coast historical information. She catalogued Walter Dawley’s papers in the BC Archives and transcribed, year after year, articles about the west coast from Victoria newspapers, as well as cataloguing many other west coast resources. Her work has been invaluable.

Adrienne Mason kindly shared her research, her notes, and the contents of her filing cabinet, bulging with west coast information, with unstinting generosity. We are greatly in her debt.

Over decades, Ken Gibson has collected a wealth of documents and photographs, leading the way in assembling a west coast archive. We are most grateful to him for his assistance, and for sharing the scrapbooks of his mother, Daphne Gibson.

Ronald MacLeod of White Rock has fielded more questions than he ever expected, and he kindly shared his memoirs. He checked many facts and has been a source of unfailing support. Along with Bob Wingen, he has been one of the best friends this book has had. Thank you both.

Dorothy Arnet has repeatedly provided material she and the late Edward Arnet collected over the years. Thank you, Dorothy. Our gratitude also to Roly Arnet for photographs, fact-checking, and much information.

The encyclopedic knowledge of Barry Campbell has come to our aid many times. His familiarity with the area, through many years working at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and his work assembling the impressive archives there, have been an enormous help. May his heroic battle against invasive species prevail.

Particular thanks to Sharon Keen for her expert research assistance, especially with land title information, and for insisting we pay attention to early survey maps and survey field books. We would never have managed that without her.

Abbot Gregory Duerr of Mount Angel Abbey generously allowed us to use photographs from the West Coast Collection of the Mount Angel Abbey Archives, and to quote from documents in the archive. Thanks also to Suzanne McKenzie, archivist at Mount Angel Abbey Library.

At the Tofino Municipal Office, we thank Mayor Josie Osborne, Aaron Rodgers, and JoAnne Flasch. At the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District, Charity Hallberg Dodds was exceptionally helpful.

We extend our thanks to the many people who have helped us at the following institutions: the Royal BC Museum and BC Archives, the Vancouver Island Regional Library, Vancouver Island University, and the Tofino-Clayoquot Heritage Society. Special thanks to Sarah Hurford at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa; to Kirsten Smith and Jamie Morton at the Alberni Valley Museum; and to Judy Carlson at the Alberni District Historical Society.

For photographic help, thanks to Mark Kaarremaa, a good friend to several books about the west coast, to Bonny Glambeck and Dan Lewis of Clayoquot Action who came to our rescue with important photographs, and to Sander Jain and Adrian Dorst for their images. Carol and Robert Windley introduced us to Anthony Guppy’s photographs,

Lois Warner shared Harold Monks’s collection, and Bob and Doris MacKenzie also provided photographs. Fran Aitkens has been most generous in sharing photographs and documents. Our gratitude also to Barb Gudbranson of the Ucluelet and Area Historical Society, Sandra Boutilier at the Vancouver Sun, Kelly-Anne Turkington at the BC Archives, Caron Olive of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Linda Reid at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre in Burnaby, and Elizabeth Yuriko Fujita and Theressa Takasaki at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto. John Ford of the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo helped with techno-wizardry, and answered countless questions about marine mammals.

Carlos García González created the maps; we are most grateful for his patience, skill, and hard work.

At Harbour Publishing, we thank Anna Comfort O’Keeffe, Nicola Goshulak, and Annie Boyar.

Audrey McClellan, West Coast editor extraordinaire, has contributed an immense amount; her meticulous work frequently saved us from ourselves. We were most fortunate to work with her.

Many others come to mind; all have contributed more than they realize:

Arlene Armstrong (Pacific Rim National Park Reserve); Jack Arnet; Dorothy Baert; Doug Banks; Rick Beardsley; Warren “Whitey” Bernard; Ginty Bigwood; Susan Bloom; Bob Bossin; Randy Bouchard and Dorothy Kennedy; Mare Bruce, Peter Buckland; Dr. John Clague (SFU Earth Sciences); Dick Close; Cairn Crockford; Stephen Ellis; Bev Ford; Maureen Fraser; Masako Fukawa; Keith Gibson; Bonnie Glambeck and Dan Lewis (Clayoquot Action); Dr. Barry Gough; David Griffiths; Jacqui Hansen; Mary Hardy; Neil Havers; Mark Hobson; Thora Howell; Jim Hudnall; Peter Huestis (National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.); Vicky Husband; Mildred Jeffrey; Dr. Melanie Kelman (Natural Resources Canada); Carolyn Khoury; Monseigneur Michael Lapierre (Diocese of Victoria); Suzanne Hare and Steve Lawson; Jim Lornie; Richard Mackie; Mary Mackinnon; Ronald MacLeod (Campbell River); Charles McDiarmid; Tsimka Martin and Emre Bosut; Janet Mason (BC Provincial Toponymist); Saya Masso; Ruby (Karatsu) Middeldorp; Jim Morgan (Pacific Rim National Park Reserve); Jeremy Mouat; Michael Mullin; Lorraine Murdoch; Linda Nichol (Pacific Biological Station); Joan and Colin Nicholson; Briony Penn; Alan and Dorothy Pineo; Dave Pettinger; Sarah, John, Reed and Chloe Platenius; Robert Punnett; Don Reksten; Janet and Marguerite Robertson; Ruth Sadler; Eve Savory; Brenda Silsbe; Joan Skogan; Cameron Smith (Statistics Canada, Vancouver); Godfrey Stephens; Lucas Stiefvater; Joanna Streetly; Jim Swartz; Ralph Tieleman; Denise Titian; Robert and Nancy Turner; Meg and Guido Van Rosendaal; Dean Wanless; Stephanie Warner; Sharon Whalen and Chris Taylor; Jan Wilson; Calvin Woelke (Surveyor General Division, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC); Tim Woodland and Chris Yorath.

From Ian, personal thanks to his dear wife, Judith, who never complained about being ignored for hours on end, and to Chris Le Fevre for his encouragement and generosity.

From Margaret, thanks to her daughter Emma, who has seen it all before and knew when not to call, and to Michael Taylor, who is so good at silence and never blinked.