For Further Reading

The following is a selective list of the major sources for this book, not including newspaper and journal articles.


Private Collections and Archives

Many unpublished documents and memoirs, personal letters, scrapbooks, and private collections of material have been made available to us by various individuals. These have been central sources in several chapters.

Archival collections consulted include: Alberni District Historical Society and Alberni Valley Museum; Diocese of Victoria archives; BC Archives and Royal BC Museum; Library and Archives Canada; Mount Angel Abbey library; Pacific Rim National Park Reserve archives; Queen of Angels Monastery archives; Surveyor General Division, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC.

At the BC Archives certain collections stand out: Walter Dawley’s papers, the Earl Marsh Accession, Crown Land Pre-emption Records, and annual reports and records of various provincial governmental departments.

At Mount Angel Abbey library: the diary of Father Charles Moser, and letters and papers of Father Maurus Snyder (including many letters from Father Brabant).

At Library and Archives Canada: correspondence and reports about the Christie and Ahousat residential schools from the RG 10 collection, particularly Volumes 6430, 6431, 6439, and 6441.


Journals and Newspapers

See the “Victoria’s Victoria” website for access to the British Colonist (from 1859) and the Victoria Daily Colonist (from 1910):

Ha-shilth-sa newspaper.

Tofino Time magazine.

West Coast Journal, The Westerly, Westerly News. Weekly newspapers from Ucluelet and Tofino. Incomplete collection, 1983–99, courtesy of Adrienne Mason

West Coast Advocate. “Tofino News” columns and other articles about Tofino, 1939–57, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

The Sound magazine from 1991–99, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

We have consulted several municipal sources. These include documents concern- ing land transactions on Stubbs Island and Wickaninnish Island, from the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District office, Port Alberni. From Tofino Municipal offices: Tofino Board of Trade minutes (1929 onward) and Tofino Village Council minutes (1932 onward).



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