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Private Documents
Municipal Sources
Archival Sources
Journals and Newspapers
Theses and Papers
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Clayoquot Sound Timelines


Private Documents

Air Raid Drill Regulations for the Tofino School, undated, probably 1942, handwritten two-page document, courtesy of Ken Gibson.

Gene Aitkens letters, courtesy of Fran Aitkens

Edward Arnet, eulogies for Betty Farmer and Tommy Kimoto, courtesy of Dorothy Arnet.

Alder Bloom, unpublished document/memoirs, courtesy of Ken Gibson

Raymond Brewster, letters to his sisters, courtesy of the late Nan Beere

Elida Burchett, “A Short History of the Village of Tofino,” unpublished document, incomplete, two pages, undated, 1960s?, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

John Cooper, letter to Mrs. A. Murray, December 3, 1946, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

Dr. Douglas S. Dixson, diary for 1916-17, courtesy of Ronald J. MacLeod (Campbell River).

John Eik personal papers, letters to Eik from the Custodian of Enemy Property, 1944. Courtesy of Dorothy Arnet and Roly Arnet.

Sid Elkington, unpublished memoirs, courtesy of Ken Gibson.

Mary Evans, “History of Tofino” unpublished document, 1956-57, 5 pages, courtesy of Ken Gibson.

Mary Evans, recollections of her father and mother-in-law, David Shaw Evans and Hannah Jane Evans, unpublished document, 5 pages, undated, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

Daphne Gibson’s scrapbooks, courtesy of Ken Gibson

Transcript of George Jackson’s diary from Long Beach, 1927 – 1929, courtesy of Adrienne Mason. Original in BC Archives, MS 1113.

Mike Hamilton, unpublished memoirs and papers, courtesy of Ken Gibson.

Mike Hamilton, letters to Mabel Hall, early 1920s, courtesy of the late Joan Niblock.

Manuscript of article about Betty Farmer, two pages, 1963, courtesy of Mildred Jeffrey.

“Ewen MacLeod,” unpublished manuscript, date unknown, courtesy of Mary (MacLeod) Hardy. Information from Ewen MacLeod’s surviving accounts book also courtesy of Mary Hardy.

Ronald MacLeod (White Rock), “Growing Up in Tofino: Some Random Memories.” 2002. Held in the Tofino Public Library.

Ronald MacLeod (White Rock), unpublished memoirs, sent by email, courtesy of the author.

Helen Malon, diary 1912 – 1919, courtesy of Joan (Malon) Nicholson and Colin Nicholson.

Robert Marshall, “Rowland Egerton Brinckman 1894-1936. A brief summary of his life2012,” unpublished document, 2 pages, courtesy of Ronald MacLeod.

“Harold Monks: Bachelor on the West Coast 1914-1934,” unpublished document, 2011, courtesy of Stephanie Warner.

“The Canadian Pocket Diary, written by Harold Monks, 1920, annotated by Stephanie Ann Warner 2011,” unpublished document, courtesy of Stephanie Warner.

Charles Morin, “The Story of a Courageous Man: The Diary of Charles Morin,” selected pages from unpublished memoirs, courtesy of Ray Deschesnes.

Alan Pineo, unpublished memoirs of living in Stubbs Island and in Tofino,1980s, courtesy of Alan Pineo.

Marguerite Robertson, transcript of interview with Adrienne Mason, October 2008, courtesy of Adrienne Mason

“Tofino’s First Hospital,” Marguerite Robertson (as told to Janet Robertson), paper prepared for the 75th anniversary of the Tofino Hospital, October 1, 2010, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

Notes and working scripts from CBC television reports on the Clayoquot protests, summer 1993, courtesy of Eve Savory.

Tatsuo Sakauye, personal letters, courtesy of Dorothy Arnet.

Tatsuo Sakauye. “The life and times of Tats Sakauye,” recollections printed in a United Church Newsletter, name of church unknown, Toronto: Winter 2002 and Spring 2003. Courtesy of Dorothy Arnet.

Lists and descriptions of all boats built at Wingen Shipyard, courtesy of Bob Wingen.

Postal information and details of post offices in Clayoquot Sound comes from information provided by David Klus, Tim Woodland and Leona Taylor, also from Margaret Horsfield’s Voices from the Sound and Cougar Annie’s Garden.


Municipal Sources

Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District office, Port Alberni. Documents concerning land transactions on Stubbs Island and Wickaninnish Island, including correspondence, plans, publicity brochures, newspaper articles, planning reports.

Tofino Board of Trade. Minutes, from 1929 onward. Tofino Municipal Office.

Tofino Village Council. Minutes, from 1932 onward. Tofino Municipal Office.


Archival Sources

Mount Angel Abbey Archives, Mount Angel Abbey, Oregon:

Brabant, Father Augustin. Letters to Father Maurus Snyder, located in Father Maurus’s personal papers.

Moser, Father Charles. Diary 1900-1930. The Mount Angel Abbey Archives holds the 1200 page handwritten transcription made by Father Charles from his original diaries. Only a few of the original diaries survive. Throughout this book, the handwritten transcription of the diary is quoted. (NB: A typewritten, edited version of Father Charles’s diary is located in the BC Archives. MS 2172. For more details about Father Charles’s diary and its different versions, see Horsfield, Voices from the Sound.)

Murphy, August. “The Story of August Murphy,” unpublished memoir, 8 pages, located in Father Maurus Snyder’s papers.

Snyder, Father Maurus. Letters and personal papers including a variety of documents, all uncatalogued. These include unpublished scraps of memoir, half-finished articles, letters from children at Christie School, from graduates of the school, from fellow priests and missionaries on the west coast, from Benedictine Sisters at Christie School, from Father Brabant.

Queen of Angels Monastery Archives, Mount Angel, Oregon:

A wide collection of papers, letters and photographs held by the Benedictine Sisters at the Queen of Angels Monastery in Mount Angel, Oregon, provides detailed information about their work at Christie School from 1900 onward.

Library and Archives Canada:

Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. RG 10 collection, Finding Aid 10-17. Library and Archives Canada (Ottawa.) Volumes 6430, 6431, 6439, 6441 all contain valuable information about Christie School and/or the Ahousaht Presbyterian school. This material is scattered through many different files.

See particularly the following:

“West Coast Agency – Christie Residential School – General Administration, 1911 – 1930.” RG10, vol 6439, File 879, part 1.

For reports of deaths at the Ahousat Residential school; correspondence from Billy August and others Ahousaht leaders: RG 10 Vol. 6430 File 876-1 part one.

For Gerald Barry reports, Inspector of Indian Schools BC: RG 10 Volume 6431 File 876-6 and RG 10 Volume 6431 File 877-1 part 2.

For Martin Benson’s letter, November 29, 1901, to “The Secretary” opposing establishment of Ahousat residential school: RG10 Vol. 6431 File 876-6 part one.

For information on Christie School in the 1930s and 1940s: RG10 Vol. 6439 File 879-1 part two.

For reports of deaths at Christie School (1930s): RG10 Volume 6441 file 879-23 part one.

For correspondence regarding Christie School relocating to Tofino RCAF air base in 1945: RG10 Volume 6439 File 879-1 part 2.

British Columbia Archives:

BC Department of Education: Annual Reports of Public Schools.

BC Department of Mines, Annual Reports. Sessional Papers, D-24, D-25.
See also:

BC Provincial Police List, compiled by Leona Taylor, from GR 55, Vol. 80

BC Provincial Police Force records, 1899 – 1927. GR-0093

Bossin, Bob. Tape recorded interviews with many west coast residents for Tofino-Clayoquot oral history collection. T3078:0001 to T3087:0001; also T3878:0001 to T3878:0089 Recordings made 1978 – 80 as research for Bossin's book Settling Clayoquot, Sound Heritage Series no. 33, 1981.

Brabant, Father Augustin. Letters and Papers, MS 2742.

Brabant, Father Augustin. Miscellaneous Papers, E/D/B72.4A.

Canadian Censuses of 1891, 1911, 1921. Later population data for Tofino and area from Statistics Canada, Vancouver.

Crown Land Pre-Emption Records, GR-0112, Vol. 232. Also from Leona Taylor’s detailed transcription of pre-emptions in the Clayoquot Sound area, based on these original records.

Dawley, Walter. Papers, MS 1076 and MS 2430.

Earl Marsh Collection, Accession 93-7330. (uncatalogued collection of documents and photographs concerning British Columbia Coast Steamship Service, Canadian Pacific Navigation Company and Canadian Pacific steamships)

MacLeod, Alexander, Diary of Coxswain at Clayoquot Lifesaving Station, 1927 - 1952. BC Archives, MS0196.

Ricketts, Edward. “Transcript of summer 1945 and 1946 notes based on trips to the outer shores, West Coast Vancouver Island, Queen Charlottes etc.” MS 2634.

Garrard, Frank (Francis). Papers. MS 46. (These papers provide one version of Garrard’s memoirs. A slightly different version of these memoirs is held by Pacific Rim National Park Reserve’s Historic Manuscript Collection.)

Lemmens, Bishop Jean. Diary from Kyuquot Sound, 1883-1886. MS-2742, Reel A 1677, Item 2.

Longstaff, Frederick. Papers. MS 46.

Nokamis, Chief. Letters to the Attorney General, GR 0429, Box 6, Attorney General inbound letters.

Ross , John Telford. Manuscripts: Microfilm Reel 480A

Sloman, Alma. 1966. Interview by Imbert Orchard. Tape recording. TO863:0001

Spain, Frederick Stanley. Letters to the Attorney General, GR 0429, Box 6, Attorney General inbound letters.

Vancouver Island Development League papers and brochures, GR 0157. For more on the development league see also MSS 783, containing J.W. Coburn’s article “Vancouver Island: The Work of the Development League,” Victoria Daily Colonist, October 22, 1910; “Closing Scenes at The Alberni Convention”, unknown newspaper, Nanaimo, July 17, 1910.

Other Archives:

Bennet (Stone), Gwendolen. Interview with Steve Suddes, 1983, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Archives.

Brodie, H. Report on the Princess Maquinna, 1918. Wally Chung Collection. UBC Library, Special Collections (Vancouver), Cat. Number 18823

Ian McTaggart-Cowan, "Notes Tofino, Alberni, Chezazut," 1930, unpublished journal, McTaggart Cowan Fond, University of Victoria Special Collections [to be in place 2015.]

Insulis Quae Procul Sunt, compiled by the family of Father (later Bishop) Jean Lemmens, from his letters. Date unknown. Translated from Dutch by Mr. de Zwager. Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria.

McIver, Vera. Bishop John Charles Seghers 1839 – 1886: The Roots of the Church on Vancouver Island, unpublished paper prepared for and held in the Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria.

Letters of Father Fred Miller describing Hesquiat, dated 1957 and 1959, Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria

Thornberg, Fred. Memoirs. Alberni District Historical Society Archives.

T.S. Gore’s field notes, along with early survey maps, townsite plans, pre-emption maps. Surveyor General Division, Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia, Victoria, BC

Whyte, Catharine and Peter. Letters during their years in Tofino during World War ll. Archives of the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Peter and Catharine Whyte Sous-Fonds

For details of expropriations of land, early 1970s, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Archives


Journals and Newspapers

British Colonist and Victoria Daily Colonist. See Victoria’s Victoria website, for access to online British Colonist (from 1859) and to Victoria Daily Colonist (from 1910) See also: Taylor, Leona and Dorothy Mindenhall. Index of Historical Victoria newspapers, Victoria’s Victoria. 2007.

Ha-shilth-sa newspaper. Back issues from the 1980s, incomplete collection. Courtesy of Adrienne Mason. For online access to current editions and to some archival material:

Island Events Magazine, copies of several issues from 1947 and 1948, Victoria, courtesy of Fran Aitkens. Daphne Gibson scrapbooks also contain a number of articles from Island Events Magazine.

The Ranger. “Stand Down Edition.” Periodical published by the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers. October 1945. Courtesy of Ken Gibson.

The Sound, published, edited and partly written by Frank Harper. Tofino. Incomplete collection of copies from 1991 – 1999, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

Tofino Echo , April 1984. Single back issue. Tofino. Courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

Tofino Time. Numerous back issues from early 2000s onward.

West Coast Journal, The Westerly, Westerly News. Weekly newspapers. Ucluelet/Tofino. Incomplete collection,1983 – 1999, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

West Coast Advocate. Collection of clippings of “Tofino News” columns and other articles about Tofino, 1939 – 1957, courtesy of Adrienne Mason.

Many articles have been consulted from the following Port Alberni newspapers, accessed at the archive of the Alberni Valley Museum, with the assistance of the Alberni District Historical Society: Port Alberni News (1912-1935); West Coast Advocate ( 1931-1967); Alberni Valley Times (Oct 1967 onward).



Gosnell’s Digital Yearbook of British Columbia and Manual of Provincial Information 1900 – 2001.

Henderson’s British Columbia Gazetteer and Directory. Vancouver: Henderson Publishing Co., 1897 – 1905, 1910.

Henderson’s Greater Victoria City and Vancouver Island gazetteer and directory. Vancouver: Henderson Publishing Co., 1910 – 1911.

Henderson’s BC Gazetteer and Directory's_BC_Gazetteer_and_Directory

Wrigley’s Official BC Directories Vancouver: Wrigley Directories, 1918, 1919, 1928, 1930.'s_British_Columbia_Directory

William’s Illustrated Official BC Directory Parts One and Two



This list contains only some of the hundreds of articles consulted. If dates and titles of articles appear within the text of the book, or in the Notes on Sources, they are not repeated here.

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