A Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants of Canada

by Beverley Gray

Nature heals! This compact field guide introduces readers to 26 common Canadian wild plants with extraordinary healing properties. Use arnica blossoms to heal muscle inflammation, improve digestion with chickweed and soothe a toothache with yarrow leaf—learning to identify and use wild medicinal plants is both fascinating and useful.

Each plant profile includes a colour photograph, identification and habitat information, as well as medicinal and culinary uses. Skilled herbalist Beverley Gray also includes tips on how to sustainably gather and safely use beneficial wild plants.

Dried herbs

Things to Know

Wildharvesting—also known as wildcrafting, gathering, or foraging for plants—is the practice of respectfully harvesting and gathering plants that grow wild for food and medicinal purposes....
Wild plant tea

How to Use


Medicinal Wild Plants