CN6. PAINTED ANEMONE, dahlia anemone, painted urticina, Christmas anemone, red and green anemone, red and green sea anemone, mottled anemone, northern red anemone, giant red sea anemone, painted tealia

Fearney Point, Agamemnon Channel, s. BC
Anderson Bay, Texada Island, s. BC
Surge Narrows, Maurelle Island, s. BC

Urticina crassicornis*, Urticina grebelnyi+

to 30 cm (12 in) tall, to 20 cm (8 in) column diameter

n. Alaska to s. California

intertidal to at least 30 m (100 ft)

Widespread and variably coloured, this species has long, banded tentacles. The banding is less obvious in tan individuals, as shown in photograph B. Photograph C features specimens of both primary colour variants from a current-swept locale.

*In many older references, the invalid genus name Tealia is used for the five Urticina species listed here.

+uncertainty exists concerning the scientific designation of this species.