BASKET STAR, common basket star

Gorgonocephalus eucnemis, Gorgonocephalus japonicus, Gorgonocephalus caryi, Gorgonocephalus stimpsoni, Astrophyton eucnemis

to 75 cm (30 in) across
Japan, Siberia, Greenland to Cape Cod, Spitzbergen, n. Alaska to s. California
<>subtidal, 10–1,850 m (33–6,115 ft)

A close inspection of this spectacular creature shows that it has five arms that repeatedly branch “ad infinitum.” When totally extended in a feeding posture, these appendages form a basket-like cage that ensnares planktonic prey, as shown in photograph A.


A. Stubbs Island, Weynton Passage, c. BC
B. Quadra Island, Discovery Passage, s. BC