Many people have contributed to this guide. Most photographs were taken by BEC, but many contributed their expertise, including: Gary Saunders, Colin Bates, Dan McDevit, Katy Hind, Mandy Lindeberg, Russ Norberg, W.F. Farnham, Kylee Pawluk, Gerick Bergsma, Angela Zepp, Eric Salomaki, Eric Henry and Rae K. Hopkins. Megan Bassett created the biogeographic figure. This guide is greatly enhanced by its illustrations. Drawings by Ernani G. Menez, which earlier appeared in Professor Robert F. Scagel’s Guide to Common Seaweeds of British Columbia (1967) and his National Museum of Ottawa study of green seaweeds in 1966, have been liberally used with permission. Several illustrations are from Marine Algae of California (1976) by Isabella S. Abbott and George J. Hollenberg, used with the permission of the publishers, Stanford University Press, and by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University. The drawing of Fucus spiralis is adapted from W.R. Taylor’s Marine Algae of the Northeastern Coast of North America (1962), and Anne Stewart provided the drawing of an adult Macrocystis plant.

The following correspondents have strengthened this guide by their unselfish instruction: Meghann Bruce, Ramona de Graaf, Kyle Demes, Mike Foster, Paul Gabrielson, Katy Hind, Sandra Lindstrom, Steven Manley, Patrick Martone, Dan McDevit, Ole G. Mouritsen, Tom Mumford, Betty Peabody, Amanda Savoie, Norishige Yotsukura and Mike Graham.

Anna O’Keeffe, Peter Robson, Brianna Cerkiewicz, Shirarose Wilensky, Daniela Hajdukovic, Kyla Shauer and the rest of the Harbour Publishing crew polished and improved the readability of the guide. Rae K. Hopkins, Joan Randolph and Stephan Koenig provided LD and BEC with the much-needed spiritual encouragement, served with constructive criticism, to see this project to fruition.

For all of the above, as well as contributors to the original Pacific Seaweeds, we are thankful.

—LD and BEC


Photograph and illustration credits

AH: drawings from I.A. Abbott and G.J. Hollenberg, Marine Algae of California (1976)

WRT: drawing adapted from W.R. Taylor, Marine Algae of the Northeastern Coast of North America (1962)

RFSG: drawing from Robert F. Scagel, Marine Algae of British Columbia and Northern Washington, Part 1: Chlorophyceae (National Museum of Canada, 1966), Bulletin 207:1–257.

All drawings not otherwise credited are by Ernani G. Menez, from Robert F. Scagel, Guide to Common Seaweeds of British Columbia (1967) and Marine Algae of British Columbia and Northern Washington (1966).

Recipe photos by Christina Symons except Seaweed Kimchi, which is by Anna Comfort O’Keeffe.

All photographs not otherwise credited by Bridgette E. Clarkston.



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