Cow Bay

Cow Bay (54˚19'00" 130˚19'00" NW end of Kaien I, Prince Rupert). The name of this popular tourist and commercial district in Prince Rupert has a very uncertain derivation. It may have to do with the location of the pioneer Nehring Dairy. An oft-repeated legend tells that the first dairy herd was persuaded to jump into the water at this location and swim ashore as no dock had yet been built. The name Hill Cove, after A E Hill, a GTP engineer with the original 1906 Prince Rupert survey party, was adopted by the Geographic Board of Canada but then rejected. Cow Bay was Prince Rupert’s main boatbuilding area from the 1910s to the ’60s. A number of Japanese craftsmen were the first to locate their yards there, and scores of wooden fish boats of all types were constructed. The site was known locally as Cameron Cove, and its upper reaches were called the Boneyard (also Cow Ck), as many ancient vessels were dumped there when their day was done.

Cow Bay is home to Prince Rupert’s cruise ship centre. John Alexander photo