Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay (50 ̊27'00" 125 ̊22'00" NE end of E Thurlow I, Cordero Channel, N of Campbell R). The name of this feature has an obvious origin, as the waters at the head of the bay become shallow quite rapidly. A historic logging and mining community was located at this site, beginning in the 1880s. A hotel, store and post office (simply named Thurlow) made Shoal Bay a supply centre and a regular stopping place for steamships. Peter and Rose MacDonald’s Thurlow Hotel, a coastal landmark, burned down in 1919. A new facility, the Shoal Bay Lodge, was built in the 1960s but met the same fate as its predecessor in 2000. Several cottages, a pub and café, bathhouse and laundry building have been rebuilt but were listed for sale in 2008. E

Shoal Bay on Thurlow Island. John Alexander photo