Foreword by The Honourable John Fraser





Preface by Richard Beamish and Gordon McFarlane





Introduction by Brian Riddell, Pacific Salmon Foundation






Map of the Strait of Georgia






PART 1: The Science

01. The Geology by John Clague





02. The Physical Ocean by Richard Thomson





03. The Biological Oceanography by Paul Harrison and Dave Mackas





04. The Invertebrates and Marine Plants by Rick Harbo





05. The Fishes Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 by Richard Beamish





06. The Marine Mammals by Andrew Trites





07. The Coastal Birds by Douglas Bertram






PART 2: The People and Industry

08. The Pre-Contact Era by Terry Glavin





09. The Zone of Encounter by Stewart Muir





10. The History of the Fisheries by Gordon McFarlane and Jacquelynne King






Afterword: The Future