About This Book

This book is a project of the North Vancouver Museum & Archives (NVMA). As a municipal heritage organization that explores history, connects people and shares ideas, NVMA encourages community members to contribute to the historical record.

Our “Voices and Views” outreach project invited current and former residents to share their personal stories, family histories and photographs of North Vancouver. In an online exhibit (found at http://www.nvma.ca) and the pages of Where Mountains Meet the Sea, these contributions—together with photographs of Museum artifacts—help bring to life a past that is connected to individual experiences. Because 2016 is the quasquicentennial of North Vancouver District, Where Mountains Meet the Sea naturally focuses on the history of that community. (There is already an excellent history of the City, The Ambitious City: A History of the City of North Vancouver, by Warren Sommer.) That said, the present volume includes the story of the City, and to a lesser extent of West Vancouver, where it seems appropriate to do so. Their histories are so intertwined as to be almost impossible to separate.

A non-traditional, non-chronological history book, Where Mountains Meet the Sea has been researched and beautifully written by historian Daniel Francis. Dan’s enthusiasm for the rich and layered history of North Vancouver District, where he lives, is evident throughout the book’s pages. We thank him for making this project so rewarding for all involved.

Generous financial support for Where Mountains Meet the Sea and the 125th anniversary community engagement project was received from the British Columbia Arts Council, the District of North Vancouver, the Kitty Heller Estate, the Canada Summer Jobs program and the Friends of the North Vancouver Museum & Archives Society.

—Nancy Kirkpatrick
Director, North Vancouver Museum & Archives


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