Tofino Chapter 11 notes

The Hopeful Coast - Notes on Sources


T.S. Gore’s field notes, along with early survey maps, townsite plans, pre-emption maps are held at the Surveyor General Division, Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia, Victoria, BC.

For a detailed description of surveying on the West Coast see George Smith, “Reminiscences of an Old Surveyor,” The Link, Volume 11, Number 4, January 1989. First printed in the 1920s or early 1930s, according to an editorial note.

Details of Ewen MacLeod,his time at Clayoquo, and his account book come from Mary (MacLeod) Hardy’s unpublished manuscript, “Ewen MacLeod.”

“uncivilizin’ influence of Clayoquot liquor,” Don MacGillivray, Captain Alex MacLean: Jack London’s Sea Wolf.

Information about Alma Arnet comes from Edward Arnet’s obituary “Alma Sloman: Kind and Compassionate,” The Sound, November 18 – Decemer 2, 1994; from her 1966 interview with Imbert Orchard (BC Archives Tape recording. TO863:0001); and from “Alma Sloman,” Alberni Valley Times, August 31, 1976.

Information about the Stone family comes from Jim Stone, My Dad, the Rum Runner, also from Walter Dawley’s papers.

Information about “Fitz” on Flores Island comes from Mike Hamilton’s memoirs, from land records, and from two articles by Cecil Clark: “West Coast Castaway Abandoned Hope of Help,” Daily Colonist, December 1, 1957; “Oldtimer Recalls Shipwreck and Amazing Castaway,” Vancouver Sun, date unknown. In the Vancouver Sun article, Clark interviewed the missionary John Ross, then 89 years old, and his article states that Fitzpatrick survived on his island for 34 days. The Daily Colonist article states it was 19 days.

Helen Malon’s diary, although brief, provides an invaluable source of information about the early settlers on Vargas. Her granddaughter Joan Nicholson made it available. See also the diaries of Francis Garrard and Harold Monks for more on these settlers, and many letters from them and about them in Walter Dawley’s papers.

“Modern engineering laughs at the obstacles …,” 1910 report on the development league’s work, found in the Longstaff papers.

James Sloman’s letter defending Tofino against accusations of being “pro-German,” British Colonist , November 19, 1915.



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