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Remembering K&C Thermoglass

Posted by Howard, Jun 25, 2015

During the 1970s and 1980s British Columbia emerged as a leader in the manufacture of small boats for the leisure market and one of the pioneers in the industry was a Richmond company called K&C Thermoglass. The K of K&C was German immigrant Peter Kaufman, who died on March 3, 2009 at the age of 69 and the C was his partner Andy Cruden. Kaufman's father Bruno was also a partner. The B.C. boat builder constructed thousands of pleasure and small utility boats still in use40 years later, and was... Read this post

From the West Coast to the Western Front Brings WWI BC to Life

Posted by Grace, Dec 1, 2014

On Remembrance Day, I do what most people do—I buy a poppy, I lend my thoughts to remembrance, I respect two minutes of silence on the eleventh hour. But I’ve always felt a sense of distance from the people Remembrance Day ceremonies intend to honour, particularly those who were involved in the First World War. The events felt far away, and the number of military and civilian casualties are so overwhelming that it’s hard to grasp, except as one more set of statistics in human history.... Read this post

Terror Scares Shaped Politics Since Earliest Days in BC, Canada

Posted by Howard, Oct 23, 2014
Warships attended arrival of the first train to BC owing to fear of a terrorist attack that never materialized.

To judge by all the commentators saying Canada will never be the same after a lone gunman entered the House of Commons unopposed before being killed October 22, one might be excused for thinking such a thing had never happened in Canada before, even... Read this post


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