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Film Recalls Historic Vancouver Baseball Team

Posted by Howard, Oct 8, 2014
Asahi ball team
Vancouver's Asahi baseball team

A new Film Screened at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival revives a curious fact about BC sports history, namely that in the early years of the twentieth century the game of baseball was dominated by a team made up of Japanese Canadians.


This year, the story will be retold, getting a big-budget... Read this post

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You Think This Is Hot?

Posted by Howard, Jul 21, 2014
Forest Fire at Hudson Hope, July 2014

TWO WEEKS of record-high temperatures had BC smoking with over 120 forest fires in July, 2014 but the wildfire situation was not as dire as several times in years past. Forest Fires, also known as wildland fires, burn an average of 300 sq km of forest in BC annually. Each year the province spends about... Read this post


You Think This is Cold?

Posted by Howard, Feb 7, 2014

The winter of 2014 has actually set a low temperature record in the Vancouver area, but it's nothing compared to spending record-setting the winter of 1949 in the Fraser Canyon area around North Bend, as remembered by 100-year-old memoirist Frank White in his book That Went By Fast: My First Hundred Years, forthcoming from Harbour Publishing in October:

The next thing that happened was the bottom fell out of the thermometer. This was the winter of 1949-50, which turned out to be one of the... Read this post

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