Tofino Chapter 3 notes

The King George Men - Notes on Sources


“My forefathers, on seeing…,”from August Murphy’s brief, unpublished memoir, found in Father Maurus Snyder’s papers at Mount Angel Abbey Archives.

“…means that you are living on the water” and “somebody composed a song,” cited by Barbara Efrat and W. J. Langlois, “The Meeting of Captain Cook and Chief Maquinna,” Sound Heritage, Provincial Archives of British Columbia, 1984.

“seemed to be quite as powerful…” for this and other quotations from Frances Barkley, see Beth Hill, The Remarkable World of Frances Barkley: 1769-1845.

“seven carpenters, five blacksmiths…” and “8 to 10 sheets of copper…” from Alan Twigg, First Invaders.

“we rather think that the chief…” “three times the size…” “in a state of magnificence…” “very superior in personal charms…” from Valerie Sherer Mathes, “Wickaninnish, A Clayoquot Chief, as Recorded by Early Travelers,” Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Vol.70, No.3, 1970.

“six brass-hilted swords…” from Barry Gough, “Possessing Meares Island,” Journal of Canadian Studies, Vol.33, No.2, 1998.

“The woods of this part of America…” from Mathes, Pacific Northwest Quarterly.



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