Tofino Chapter 10 notes

"Teeming with Riches" - Notes on Sources


“not fit to command a cook’s galley, much less...,” British Colonist, August 23, 1865.

“From all I saw on Bear River…” British Colonist, July 8, 1887.

“bringing with them the most gloomy reports…” British Colonist, December 20, 1887.

“A good deal of interest is being taken…” British Colonist, December 11, 1897.

For more on Bear River and Port Hughes, see the numerous articles in the British Colonist; also T.W. Paterson and Garnet Basque, Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Vancouver Island.

For more on the prospector James Jones, see Horsfield, Voices from the Sound also Walter Dawley’s papers.

For details of dismantling Sydney Inlet mine tracks during the war, see Carol Popp, The Gumboot Navy.

“I remember the mine being…..” Popp, The Gumboot Navy

Bill Bond working up the Bear River, see “Fascinating Life led by Tofino Pioneers,” The Westcoaster, March 17, 1976.

“twenty pounds sterling, fifty blankets...,,” Jan Peterson, Journeys: Down the Alberni Canal to Barkley Sound.

“$460,000 …” see Supreme Court: Sutton Lumber and Trading Co. Ltd vs Minister of National Revenue [1953.]

“We discovered Mosquito Harbour…” Jack Crosson, Jack’s Shack.

For more on the Gibsons at Ahousat and their enterprises, see Gordon Gibson, Bull of the Woods.

See Walter Guppy, Wet Coast Ventures: Mine-Finding on Vancouver Island for an experienced insider’s account of mineral-seeking on the west coast.



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