Tofino Chapter 18 notes

Peacetime - Notes on Sources


Unless otherwise noted, all quotations from Ed Ricketts come from “Transcript of summer 1945 and 1946 notes based on trips to the outer shores, West Coast Vancouver Island, Queen Charlottes etc.” BC Archives, MS 2634.

Mildred Jeffrey on Betty Farmer, personal letter to M. Horsfield, enclosing draft of an article about Clayoquot written by Jeffrey in 1963.

Quotations from Ruth White, see Eric Tamm, Beyond the Outer Shores.

Severity of 1946 earthquake, see Tamm, Beyond the Outer Shores, p.231.

“idea of heaven…,” Tamm, Beyond the Outer Shores, p. 273.

Details of Ian McTaggart Cowan’s work at Clayoquot, from his diary, courtesy of Briony Penn.

Quotations from Muriel Guiguet, from an interview with Briony Penn, October 2012.

Details of the history of the Wingen shipyard and the boats built there, from a list compiled for the authors by Bob Wingen, who also provided much information about other local boats.

Descriptions of Hillier Queen and Dog Star, from the West Coast Advocate.

Details of the crab canning business, from Colin and Joan Nicholson.

Quotations from the minutes of the Tofino council and the Board of Trade obtained through the Tofino Municipal Offices, where the originals are held.

Statistics on Japanese World War One veterans:

Information on the Karatsu family, from an interview between Ruby Karatsu and M. Horsfield.

Correspondence of John Eik with the Custodian of Enemy Property, from the personal papers of Dorothy Arnet. For more on the disposal of Japanese property during World War II, see

Ellen Kimoto quoted in the Tofino –Ucluelet Westerly News, May 12, 2012.

Johnny and Mary Madokoro describe resettling in Port Alberni in articles in Nikkei Images. (for details see notes on Chapter 15)

Letters about Christie School moving to the RCAF Tofino site, from Library and Archives Canada, RG10, volume 6439, file 879-1, parts 1 and 2.

“To this day, former students remember Brother Samson...” For more on Brother Samson, see the testimonies of several former Christie School students to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Testimonies of many former students can be viewed on the TRC’s webcast site, organised by date: For more detail about these testimonies, see below in the notes on Chapter 22.

Description of Ahousaht church, from West Coast Advocate. Opitsat first communion, West Coast Advocate, May 22,1958.

Information about the Tofino Airport School (later Long Beach School) comes from annual schools reports, BC Archives.

“More thought being given...” Ashworth’s comment can be found on Daily diary December 1953 – May 1954, JR Ashworth, S/L CO 52 AC&W.

“They set up targets...,” Neil Buckle cited by Joanna Streetly, Salt in our Blood.

Sid Elkington’s account of early air traffic, and the DTs, come from his unpublished memoirs.

Information about the end days of the Maquinna comes largely from documents within the Earl Marsh Accession, BC Archives

The following quotations come from newspaper cuttings and documents within the Earl Marsh Collection, BC Archives:

“She was already loaded...” undated article, newspaper unknown.

“Coast up in Arms”, August 23, 1952, newspaper unknown.

R. Barr’s comment “We are facing ...”

September 4, 1952, letter from Padre Leighton.

“It happened on a Sunday...” Description of the disrupted church service at the time of the hospital fire appears in a 1983 cookbook of the Tofino Ladies’ Aid, quoted by Adrienne Mason in St. Columba 1913 – 2013: A Century of Service.

Details of hospital fundraising come largely from the West Coast Advocate.

For Howard McDiarmid’s recollections of the rebuilt hospital, of the curling rink and the “fly-ins,” see Pacific Rim Park: A Country Doctor’s Role in Preserving Long Beach and Establishing the New Wickaninnish Inn.

Toronto Star Weekly article on the Long Beach “fly-in” is dated September 29, 1958.

Walter Guppy’s article, “Hike to Promote West Coast Road,” Victoria Daily Colonist, July 27, 1975, describes the determined optimism of the late 1940s about the road.

“I can only hope...,” George Jackson’s visitor’s comment re spoiling Long Beach, cited by Adrienne Mason, Long Beach Wild, p. 103.

Neil Buckle on collecting glass balls, quoted by Streetly, Salt in Our Blood.



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